BeraadGeslagen EP release !╰(°ㅂ°)╯

hi everybody

I’m extremely delighted to announce the birth of the first EP of my duo BeraadGeslagen with the great Fulco Ottervanger (De Beren Gieren, STADT…) on W.E.R.F.records!
13th of May the vinyl will be available as well as online download on band camp.
Catch us live doing our stuff on one of these release concerts:
-13th of May 6.30pm short promo Music Mania, Ghent
-13th of May 9pm De Vetten Os, Brugge
-14th of May 3pm Fnac, Brugge
-14th of May 8.30pm ft. Bert Cools Solo, LINCH De Studios, Antwerp
-19th of May 8.30pm Catch# Het Gouvernement, Ghent

Check out our videoclip of ‘Suikerbeat‘ to be released on BeraadGeslagen EP by Grégoire Verbeke.

more coming up!


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